22. November 2018

Have a look at the sCO2-flex brochure.


19. November 2018

Watch the brand-new GRECO project video.

The NEXTGEN project website is live.


16. November 2018

The RUBIZMO project website is live right now.


27. September 2018

Ms Bakartxo Egilegor from IKERLAN talks with ESCI about how to reuse waste heat when producing aluminium components and how this could be a blueprint for all energy-intensive industries. Find the ETEKINA interview “Ms Egilegor, can you really cut energy use in aluminium processing by 40%?” here.


6. September 2018

Kristijan Plesnik from SIJ Metal Ravne talks with ESCI about economic threats to steel production and how these may affect EU climate targets. Find the ETEKINA interview “Heat Recovery in Steel Plants To Boost Competitiveness” here.


14. August 2018

Marilys Blanchy from Rescoll talks to ESCI about the challenges of producing the next generation of implants and Rescoll’s role within the EU funded research project Laser4Surf. Find the Laser4Surf interview “How laser treated implants can boost the healing process” here.


2. August 2018

David Bruneel from LASEA talks with the ESCI about shaping metal surfaces with nanosized structures and the market potential for such surfaces. Find the Laser4Surf interview "A big potential for tiny structures" here.


1. August 2018

ETEKINA's brochure is now available in four languages: English, Spanish, Slovenian and Catalan! Download your PDF here.


4. July 2018

Our new graphic for Laser4Surf project shows the better development of bone cells on a nano structured surface.


20. June 2018

Follow GRECO project at Twitter!


6. June 2018

Prof Hussam Jouhara from Brunel University talks with ESCI about the advantages of heat pipe technology for an effective waste heat recovery in energy intensive industries. Find the ETEKINA interview "How heat pipes can slash energy costs" here.


24. May 2018

Have a look at our brandnew graphic to understand Laser4Surf's ALL-IN-ONE MACHINE! 


7. May 2018

A Twitter and LinkedIn account has been set up for RUBIZMO.


29. April 2018

NextGen Water Solutions Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are alive!


23. April 2018

Fresh stuff from the printing shop: our Laser4Surf brochures just arrived!!! Here you find a PDF for download.


26. February 2018

SaferUp!'s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are alive!


7. February 2018

Watch the introduction video and find out how H2020 project Laser4Surf will boost metal surfaces to improve the properties of batteries, dental implants and linear encoders. 


Etekina - logo

31.January 2018

Check out website and YouTube channel with introduction video of ETEKINA’s thermal recovery project! Learn more about Laser4Surf on their website and YouTube channel!



Logo IRIS - smart cities

19.January 2018

First video on IRIS’ own YouTube channel: Meet Joop Oude Lohuis from Utrecht Municipality and other experts involved in the smart city project!


23.October 2017

Website alive! Find all info about IRIS smart cities project at http://irissmartcities.eu and follow ETEKINA and Laser4Surf at their Twitter accounts @heat_pipes and @Laser4Surf!


Logo IRIS - smart cities

May 2017

IRIS smart cities has a Twitter account! Follow our tweets @IRISsmartcities


Logo Laser4surf17.10.2017 LASER4SURF Kick-Off Meeting in Brussels

ESCI will be lead partner for dissemination and communication activities for the EU funded project LASER4SURF: Electric cars or medical prosthesis - the future depends on modifying metal surfaces. Precision laser technologies could path the way.


Etekina - logo

02.10.2017 ETEKINA Kick-Off Meeting in San Sebastian, Spain

3 prototypes/3 countries/3 sectors/3 years to transform energy intensive industry. Can they do it? ESCI will keep public and stakeholders updated about progress of the EU funded ETEKINA project.


Logo IRIS - smart cities

01.10.2017 IRIS Smart Cities project started

ESCI is Work Package Leader for Communication & Dissemination for the EU funded project IRIS Smart Cities. Three lighthouse cities and four follower cities will develop and realize ambitious energy, mobility and ICT solutions. The project has a duration of five years.